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Plans and Pricing

Tesser Insights Analytics Platform

Idea to Insights on a Single Pane of Glass

TI Pro


Ideal for individual users with limited data volumes

  • Max Ingest File Size - 15 MB

  • Ingest any number of files

  • Limited Storage - 100 GB

  • Single User licensing Model

  • No White Labeling

TI Pro+


Collaborate to Innovate

  • All TI Pro Features

  • Share data and insights with your TI Pro team members

  • All team members require TI Pro+ subscription for collaboration

  • Up to 2 TB Storage Limit

TI Enterprise

Custom Deployment

Ideal for enterprise user groups working with large data volumes

  • No Limit on file size for Ingestion

  • Ingest any number of files

  • Scalable Storage

  • Unlimited user and data Model

  • White Labeling Available

TI Partners

Collaborate with us

Deliver accelerated insights to your customers using Tesser Insights.

  • Use Tesser Insights resources to scale your business and  offer a wide range of data and analytics capabilities to your customers

**Charged monthly. Can be cancelled at any time and you will not be charged from the next billing cycle.

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