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Gain a Competitive Advantage in E-commerce Sales with Spoggle’s EC Analytics

Trouble keeping pace with your e-commerce competitors and quickly addressing stockouts and price changes? Learn how Spoggle's e-commerce Analytics can assist you:

  • Market Intelligence Insights: Monitor self and competitor activity (stock, price, ratings) down to the pin code level, at specified frequency.

  • Automated Insights Dashboard: Gain instant, actionable insights on no-stock areas, price comparisons, and customer rating benchmarks.

  • Seamless Data Sharing & Action: Export data to Excel, share with other stakeholders via mail, or share to other systems for further action.

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Track stockouts at the pin code level

Monitor and record instances of stockouts at the pin code level. This allows for proactive planning and timely replenishment of inventory to ensure uninterrupted supply at all times.

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Monitor competitor activities

Monitor and analyze competitor activities such as stockouts, price revisions, and promotion launches. Staying informed of these aspects can lead to well-informed decisions that are strategically advantageous for the business.

Analyze competitor trends

Perform detailed trend analysis to fully understand how competitor actions impact sales performance, allowing for the effective formulation and execution of responsive strategies.


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Grow your business with our all-in-one dashboard

Optimize inventory management, analyze behavioral cohorts, forecast sales, and more!

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