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Spoggle's Advanced
Analytics for Food and Beverages

Centralize, analyze, and visualize your F&B data — all from one single place. 

With Spoggle's advanced analytics capabilities, you can track key indicators, derive actionable insights, and grow your business. Build business insights on our ready-to-use dashboard and make data-driven decisions.

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Build a solid data foundation with standardized dashboards for data exploration and analysis, helping you gain actionable insights and make informed decisions with ease.

Identify emerging trends using reliable forecasts, optimize inventory management, streamline your procurement practices, and enhance risk mitigation strategies.

Optimize your product placement, discover new product relationships, offer special deals, and create new product bundles to encourage cross-selling, up-selling, and boost sales.

Quickly address stockouts at the zip-code level, minimize lost sales, and respond to competitor promotions, discounts and customer feedback in a timely manner with E-CMIS.

Deliver personalized customer experiences, improve customer retention, design effective marketing campaigns based on user segments, and extend your overall CLTV.

Walmart, Amazon, Costco, Target, Shopify  we've got it all!

  • Derive AI-powered e-commerce insights with Ask Spoggle

  • Track stockouts at the zip-code level and optimize inventory

  • Build your own e-commerce analyses on our ready-to-use sandbox environment

  • Generate day-to-day fillrate reports and track promotions by competitors 

  • Extract accurate sales forecasts with an exciting array of algorithms

Grow your business with our all-in-one dashboard

Optimize inventory management, analyze behavioral cohorts, forecast sales, and more!

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