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Tesser Insights Platform

Self-Serve Idea to Insights on a Single Pane of Glass

Experience the power of the Microsoft Azure analytics ecosystem, seamlessly integrated through a unified business-friendly user interface for a fixed monthly subscription, including managed services.
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in your own sandbox

  • Bring your own data

  • Combine with enterprise data



use cases end to end

  • Get instant and auto insights

  • Build models to derive insights



for enterprise adoption

  • With IT & other users

  • WIth other applications


End To End Analytics

Data engineering & Analytics - Cleanse, Transform, Analyze and Visualize from a single window.

TAI - Tesser Actionable Insights

Instant auto insights - anomalies, patterns, associations, key influencers, and predictions.

Collaborate to Innovate

Click to share insights - with users and applications by creating APIs on the fly, delivering insights right at the point of action.

Experiment in your own sandbox


  • Conclusive data catalog - single source of truth 

  • File preview 

  • Data health meter 

The file ingested can be previewed using Preview or View All feature. 

Users can also view the data health displayed on the top right corner. It displays the missing values or errors in the data, as well as any duplicate records. 


Enterprise-friendly Engagement Model

Enabling ease of enterprise adoption
Predictable Cost with Fixed Monthly Subscription

Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for onboarding and ongoing platform support.

unlimited users
Unlimited Users 

 Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee with no limit on the number of users.

Enhance services_edited.png
Services to Enhance Platform

We provide additional consulting, data migration, data engineering, and analytical services based on your needs.

Guaranteed Security and Privacy 

For each enterprise we host an exclusive instance of the platform which ensures data privacy and security.

Easy to Engage, Easy to Exit

With open data connectivity options, you can keep all your data within your enterprise making it easy to engage and easy to exit.

cloud connectivity
Flexible Data Connectivity

We directly connect to an existing Enterprise Data Lake. For companies that do not already have a data lake, the platform comes with one loaded in it.


Microsoft Azure also supports close to 80 sources across various clouds, databases, and file types. Data can be ingested from any of these sources and loaded into the platform.

Why Tesser Insights Platform

Here's a few reasons why we're the perfect fit for your business!

Self Service
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