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Spoggle Analytics Platform

Analytics on a Single Pane of Glass

Spoggle, by Tesser Insights, is an end-to-end, self-serve analytics platform.

Our unified analytics ecosystem comes with cloud services, technology, and managed services bundled into one subscription, providing a single place to manage all your analytics needs.

Tesser Insights is a Gold Partner with Microsoft Azure for Data Analytics.

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Predictable Cost with Fixed Monthly Subscription

Pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for onboarding and ongoing platform support.

cloud connectivity
Flexible Data Connectivity

We directly connect to an existing Enterprise Data Lake. For companies that do not already have a data lake, the platform comes with one loaded in it.

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Guaranteed Security and Privacy 

For each enterprise we host an exclusive instance of the platform which ensures data privacy and security.

Easy to Engage, Easy to Exit

With open data connectivity options, you can keep all your data within your enterprise making it easy to engage and easy to exit.


Explore Spoggle's rich set of capabilities

Unlock your analytics capabilities with seamless ingestion, cataloging, preparation, analysis, visualization, and more. Elevate your insights, foster innovation, and drive success.

Data Ingestion

Effortlessly bring in data from various sources in any format, ensuring a seamless integration process that saves time and resources.

Data Preparation


Handle the data chaos with Spoggle's powerful data preparation tools. Clean, transform, and optimize your datasets to prepare them for analysis.



Tesser Actionable Insights (TAI), our auto-generated graphing and analytical algorithm, operates on datasets, quickly

delivering graphs and conclusions.

Data Integration


Seamlessly connect Spoggle with other tools through APIs. Build interoperability and leverage the power of integration to maximize the value of your data.

Data Cataloging


Spoggles's intuitive cataloging system empowers you to efficiently categorize and tag your datasets, making them easily accessible for future use.

Data Analysis


Dive deep into your data with advanced analytical capabilities. Spoggle's robust tools can be used to extract insights, build models, and forecasting.

Data Visualization


Spoggle's visualization features help you create insightful charts, graphs, and dashboards to communicate your findings effectively.

Data Collaboration


Spoggle's collaboration features facilitate easy sharing and collaboration on datasets and analyses, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.


Experiment with all your data in 1 Place


With Spoggle's easy and efficient data management system, you can upload, store and view all your data in a secure database and perform any data cleaning and extraction activities on it.

Solve data-driven problems on 1 Platform

Spoggle makes data transformations, visualizations and clustering simpler and efficient with its no-code solution. It makes handling data errors, outliers and more as easy as a click of a button!


Share your Insights via 1 tool


Spoggle makes collaboration with your team members easier than ever. Data and report sharing functionalities enable teams to work together seamlessly and arrive at business-integral insights together and faster. 

Tesser Actionable Insights - TAI

Tesser Actionable Insights (TAI) is Tesser Insights' auto-generated graphing and analytical algorithm.

The algorithm can run on any dataset you want insights from and generate graphs and conclusions within minutes. TAI lets you to focus on gaining deeper insights while leaving the leg work of basic information generation to TAI. 


Ask Spoggle

Inbuilt AI-powered tool for business queries. Uses GPT-4 for reliable responses. Responses include single data points or tables. Downloadable, savable, and shareable within Spoggle. No data exposure to GPT server, ensuring security


Data Clusters

Leverages AI and ML to uncover data properties, relationships, and structures, automatically constructing data models.


Start your 30-day trial today

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Try Spoggle free for 30-days and experience the full capabilities of our platform. Bring all your data, glean any insight you want from it, and display it using powerful Power BI visuals to propel your business to the next stage. 

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