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From Data Graveyards to Insights Democratization

Experiencing the frustration of staring at static dashboards? It's like a locked treasure chest whispering secrets you can't understand. Deciphering it requires an IT specialist and long turnaround times – a slow, outdated approach and a graveyard for potentially valuable data. But what if your data could talk in plain English?

The Problem with Traditional Dashboards

Traditional dashboards often lack the capabilities businesses need today. They rely on outdated technology, hindering real-time analysis and user interaction. Here’s how they restrict you:

  • Limited Functionality: Traditional dashboards do not accommodate natural language queries, ML predictions, or built-in data prep, which are valuable for business users today.

  • Stale Information: Data becomes stagnant, losing value over time as updates are slow and cumbersome.

  • IT Bottlenecks: Changes are difficult, and creating dashboards is a time-consuming, IT-controlled process.

  • Dashboard Overload: Organizations amass inactive dashboards, overwhelming users who abandon them for spreadsheets.

Ask Spoggle: Your Conversational Data Ally

Ask Spoggle, a modern OpenAI conversational interface, bridges the gap between you and your data. Here's how Ask Spoggle unlocks the gold mine within your data:

  • Conversational Interface: Ditch the dated, ask like a human! Ask Spoggle leverages the power of Chat-GPT 3.5 to understand your questions in plain English, translating your curiosity into actionable insights.

  • Dynamic Insights: No more static reports! Ask Spoggle delivers real-time insights on your questions both in tabular formats for quick analysis and visually compelling graphical representations to see trends emerge.

  • Self-Serve Analytics: Ask Spoggle is a Self-Serve chat interface, empowering everyone in your organization to explore data independently, reducing reliance on IT and analysts.

  • Insights on Demand: Get instant insights as against navigating through a maze of dashboards.

Additional features:

  • Security First: Data security is our top priority. Ask Spoggle operates in a closed loop, and no data is ever shared with Chat-GPT. Your information stays safe and sound within your organization.

  • Never Forget a Question: Ask Spoggle keeps a running log of your past inquiries, making it easy to reference previous questions and revisit valuable insights without starting from scratch.

  • Get Inspiration with Suggested Questions: No idea where to go? Ask Spoggle offers helpful prompts based on your dataset. Get inspired by insightful questions and unlock the hidden treasures within your business.

  • Dive Deeper with the Power of SQL: Curious to learn the underlying design? Ask Spoggle provides the SQL query used to generate the results, empowering you to understand the data journey and potentially build upon it.

Ask Spoggle is more than a data analysis tool; it's a conversation starter. Stop allowing IT to build static dashboards and leave them gathering dust. Empower everyone in your organization to ask questions, uncover trends, and make data-driven decisions that unlock true business growth.


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