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Sales Analytics: Is there a solution to the chaos of multiple analytics tools? 

In sales outreach, juggling multiple tools can put you between a rock and a hard place. ZoomInfo for contacts, for emails, LinkedIn for connections – you name it. And let's not forget the tedium of Excel, straddling multiple pivot tables, and the never-ending data-refresh marathons. 

Traditionally, sales teams today are flooded by a sea of disconnected tools. Data from ZoomInfo,, LinkedIn, Calendly, and Google Analytics are often scattered across Excel sheets like pieces of a puzzle waiting to be solved. This was true for the sales team at Tesser Insights as well. Organizing the jigsaw of sales data from multiple tools was an uphill task; the team battled manual data consolidation, errors, and wasted hours waiting for data refresh. After numerous sales campaigns, our volume of sales data was only growing, and the need for a single, consolidated ecosystem became urgent.  

Thankfully, with Spoggle, the campaign data, from prospect databases to email sequences, was consolidated into one centralized hub. The team finally bid goodbye to Excel gymnastics and the time spent on the data refresh – Spoggle was able to automatically ingest and update data in real-time. 

Here’s how Spoggle simplified sales operations for us: 

Time Liberation for Sales Heads 

Spoggle allows sales leads to focus on what truly matters – analysis and decision-making. No more wrangling data; instead, sales heads can dive straight into strategic insights. 

Powerful Granular Analysis 

Spoggle empowers sales teams with the ability to dissect data with surgical precision. Open rates become a playground for analysis – dissecting by Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), persona, and company size. With Spoggle, you can uncover patterns that were once hidden in the chaos. 

Hassle-free Email Wizardry 

Sales teams no longer have to waste time combing through data to discover their least effective and most successful emails and subject-lines. With Spoggle, sales reps can dive deep into the performance metrics, comparing templates, and deciphering the impact of personalization on open rates and Call-to-Action (CTA) success. 

Threading the Needle with Multi-Thread Strategy 

Multi-threading strategies are more than a buzzword – Spoggle allows sales leaders to understand the impact of successful CTAs, weaving a narrative that ties together campaign success and website traffic. 

Building Synergy 

Spoggle transcends silos, linking campaign analyses seamlessly with website traffic data. Sales teams can easily understand not just who opened an email but also how it influenced their journey on the website. Spoggle can liberate sales teams from data management, freeing up time to strategize, analyze, and focus on more high-priority tasks. 


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